Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Puzzling Morning

Since it decided to return to winter around here we pulled out some puzzles this morning and the kids got busy!
Brooke loves to do puzzles, and for just a little two year old she's pretty darn good at it.
Brandon Hard at work:
Kylee working ever so hard on her princess puzzle:

I just love this little face! It's amazing how much her vocabulary and sentences have taken off since her surgery. ( Who knew the poor girl couldn't hear...) She really is now officially a little toddler, and not my baby anymore. :( And she constantly reminds me that she is a "big gir not a baby!"

This little boy wants to be, and usually is the life of the party!
I can't imagine my life without him.
FYI this little kid is beating the entire family with his NCAA Bracket. He only got two games wrong last week. Although because of his undying love for his team, and extreme Loyalty, his bracket is doomed. But so proud of him on his early lead.:)

Kylee. Where do you even start with this girl... She is a princess one minute, and a diva the next. Sweet as sugar, then sour as a lemon. And even though she can be challenging, she is truly a little angel. I was so proud to learn at her parent teacher conference (after some behavior issues were discussed...ugh) that she is so kind and such a best friend to a little down syndrome girl in her class. I was a proud mama at that moment. I love my Ky.

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