Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miracles, Ramblings, and Upgrades.

We have had some miracles happen in our home the past few weeks. All because of this:

These awesome little jars, have been heaven! They have also lightened the chores I do. In fact, my kids beg me to do chores! The simple little run down, is each chore is worth 1 "fuzzy" or point. They each have their own color fuzzy. Once they earn so many fuzzies, they can pick a prize depending on how many fuzzies they have and how many points the prizes are worth. This is the coveted prize basket:
My kids have never been more excited to do chores than they have the past couple of weeks. Brandon (almost to an annoying degree) constantly asks if I had put his fuzzies in the jar, or what chore can he do next. Really pure heaven! A little daughter who would refuse to make her bed before, now has it meticulously made every morning. Who knew she was so capable?!

The "other" little jar is Kylee's behavior jar. YEP. That embarrassing phone call I got from school led to another jar created for her. My sweet little child was becoming the mean girl!?! How could this be... where was she learning some of the things that were coming out of that pretty little mouth?!? So this jar is helping, and she is so happy telling me everyday that she was good at school!

We have had another week of AMAZING weather! It was 72 yesterday! HEAVEN. I took a little nap on the trampoline in the SUN. And wouldn't you know that Saturday (you know the day I LOVE to run outside) the high is 37 and snowy. Boo. Last Saturday sick in bed, this Saturday snow. I mean how is a girl supposed to train for races in conditions like this...

On another note...Ryan has joined the modern world with this nice little upgrade:
He was cursing it's complexity last night while he was setting it up, but I told him once he figured it out, he will never go back!:) Don't we all agree?!

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Taffy and Tony said...

Nice job with the extra motivation--it can make a world of difference in young kids! And I have to admit, I am completely jealous of your warm weather! We have not even hit 60 one time yet this spring. Yuck!