Monday, April 11, 2011

A Princess Dress.

This little girl is a daddy's girl. She has him not only wrapped around her finger, but severely intertwined between ALL of them!:) And while I was taking pictures of Brooke in the famous princess dress,(thanks to Aunt Caroline) Dad had to get in on the picture action:

When I got this dress out for Brooke, I had to go digging and find a picture of Kylee in this dress. She lived in this dress every Sunday. It was the princess dress. The most BEAUTIFUL dress. She tried to wear it, even when it didn't fit any longer. And now it is Brooke's turn to adorn the princess dress.
My two girls:
Some say they look a lot alike...What do you think?!

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Mark said...

How sweet. They are both so cute. I'll have to make Kylily another pretty dress. Summer Christmas is coming up... I like to give gifts in the summer time, if you haven't noticed, because I have more time to think about it and sew it if necessary. Also, I think you should have the baptism in August, that way I can talk Mark into driving up. There's our vote if you haven't already decided.