Saturday, April 9, 2011


WARNING!! Graphic pic at the end of this post. View at your own risk. Ryan informed me to remove it. But I thought it was worthy. It's my battle scars...(it is rather disgusting though)
We had a fabulous week in the weather department!
So we took full advantage of it, going on walks, parks you name it, we did it if it involved the outdoors.
Tuesday we took a walk down to a park!
Kylee on the swings:
Brandon enjoying the freedom!

Brookie loving the swings!

Kylee having fun riding bikes again:
Brooke doesn't quite know what to do with herself!
Brandon found a little friend from school. He is quite the ladies man I must say!:)

Then on Wednesday after the kids left to school, Brooke and I went on a walk, a very nice long walk soaking up the sun! Who knew that you would need sunscreen in April?!? Both me and Brooke received rosy little cheeks from our adventure. Our wonderful walk also plum tuckered this little munchkin out:
A detour in our walk for a delicious drink:

I tried to repeat this on Thursday, but my nice long walk didn't last as long. I had woke up feeling rather sluggish, and tried to brush it off. Or rather "walk" it off. Half way into our walk I knew I was doomed. So I turned around and headed to the urgent care. Diagnosis:

Strep my friends. UGH. This illness and me do not get along. I get it and then it decides it never wants to leave. I spent the rest of this fabulous weekend indoors. Feeling like I was hit by a truck. Boo. Let's hope that this time this illness stays away. Please.

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