Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break

Last week was our spring break and I had such an itch to get out. I wanted to go see my family in Houston, but since it was such a spur of the moment thing, Ryan didn't feel comfortable with the idea. So I took the kids down to see our good friends in Kansas City! It was a lot closer than you would think!
I didn't get my camera out as much as I would have liked, but I did capture a few fun moments!
While my friends kids were in school one day, I took the kids to Liberty Jail. Other than being there by myself with four kids, It is a really neat place. I am always amazed at the spirit I feel on any church site.
A view of the Jail:

Joseph Smith writing revelation:

The kids exploring the outside of the jail:

All four in front of the jail:
I just noticed the date on the pictures...that's funny! I had to use my little camera, cause I had forgotten to bring my CF card...ugh...

Most of the week we pretty much just hung out and let the kids play. I did get to meet my friends fiance and I approve. Not that she needs it, but she has it. He seems great, and is so nice to her kids.
One day, one of my friends from Alaska (who is living there at the moment) came to visit! It was so much fun to see her, it had been years! We took the kids to an indoor inflatable park and they had a blast!
Caden zooming down the slide!
Little Kylee:

The boys started getting creative with going down the slides. They started doing summer salts and all!

Brooke wasn't too sure about it at first. We took her over to the infant one, and she loved it until the big kids came around. She wishes she were bigger so bad poor thing!

So they helped her get up, and take her down the slide! It was so fun seeing them all slide down together!

Another group shot!

We had so much fun with our friends! It was nice to get away for awhile, and by the time we came back all the snow was melted! That was a sight for sore eyes...
The one thing about going away is it is always nice to come back home. To your own bed, and house, and routine. And especially to my honey, who was lonely without us! I was sure glad to see him again!

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Melissa said...

I am glad that you came down! Sorry I was tired and so sick the first day. NO FUN! But I am glad you came...the kids played so good together!! And I am glad you approve of my guy...I love him very much. Thanks again for coming...loved the post! :)