Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hooray for Visitors.

We had a break in the rain this Monday, so I was able to get some yard work done! It felt so good to get my hands dirty! And of course the girls were excited to play outside!
We also had a visitor! Grandpa had some business out this way, so he stayed a night with us. He took us out to dinner. It was such a treat! The only downer was that Brandon was a little under the weather.
And this last group of pictures, was from last week. You know my not so good week. The one where I had to do some venting?! P.S. I could still vent some...running is not happening still, but moving on. This is when Kylee thought she could be a beautician.

The pictures don't quite do the job justice, but you get the idea. I can hide it some, but she WILL NOT let me change her part to hide it better. And pony tails are a no go. The hair just sticks straight out! So it's LOTS of headbands for this girl. If she'll keep them on...
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