Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trying Something New.

I have to say that when it comes to medicine, I tend to lean more towards your traditional medicinal care. I LIKE doctors, and modern medicine. They saved my husbands life, and my sisters. I'm not above using antibiotics...they work miracles!
That being said, I do feel when it comes to lesser things like headaches, muscles issues, back pain, I am all for trying alternative routes. I love Chiropractors, and they have done wonders to help my headaches so that I don't rely on drugs so much.
A few months back I tweaked my shoulder while exercising, so I layed off doing anything to strenuous. As time passed, and I slowly would try to add things back in, even the slightest workout would tweak it again! Then yesterday after a very AWESOME run, my knee started to ache a little, and after a few hours, I could tell that my IT band was locking up. (this is a knee that has NEVER given me problems, I was NOT happy...)
The group that I run with quite frequently talk about these two docs they see at Integrated Medicine who practice Chinese medicine. As I was talking to my run coach yesterday, for seriously like the 5th time he told me to go see them. So I thought why not. It works for all these AMAZING runners, why not for me?!? Especially since I was now having a problem that can make running near impossible. And if you know me, you know there is no way this girl can live without exercise! I need those endorphins baby!
So I went today, an while it's only been a few hours, I really think it's working! I feel great! I had acupuncture, and some cold lazer therapy. I was there for an hour and a half, took a few cat naps in between. It felt like I had a massage! He said I should feel even better in the morning, so we shall see, but so far I LIKE!
Ryan is a little skeptical, but if this helps hopefully we can convince him that there is a place for alternative medicine!:)

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Kassie Belcher said...

I agree with you on not jumping to the medicine cabinet as the first remedy. It's usually a combination of both. I really hope the new therapy helps cuz there is nothing worse than that kind of pain!