Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candy Coma.

The Ellis house had a wonderful Halloween!  We had an array of costumes this year. Starting with none other than Kylee, the beautiful witch:
  Brookie the cute pumpkin:
 Darth Vader
( sans mask... he took it to school for show and tell, (they don't let kids past 2nd grade dress up...lame), and left it there. I was not a happy moma!)
 Not just a ninja, but a complete ninja:
 Dad and the crew:
 Mom and the crew: (Can you tell I love my sweats... they are too comfy)
 Our family:
 The girls didn't last as long as the boys trick or treating, so they helped passing out the candy!
 The aftermath:
 I don't think I've ever seen so much candy...well other than in the STORE. This is insane!
So much to tempt me wiht, and I'm about to start a fitness challenge next week! How do I do that with all this laying around?!
I tried to get rid of some. Sent a big bag with Ryan to work, took a bunch out to recycle in Christmas stockings( genius I know!), but there is still a huge bowl full of candy.
Maybe next year I need to limit the trick or treating time?!

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