Thursday, November 3, 2011

Depression and a challenge.

Did you know that it is national blogging month?!
Well now you do! I didn't know until a few days ago myself.
I would love to try and blog just about everyday this month, but when it comes to blogging, I'm in a bit of a depression. Mainly cause it's fun to blog with pictures. And since my lovely NICE camera decided to fall out of my hands, I am now having to make do with a point and shoot. 
Now, I know it's still a decent camera, and I'm sure I sound like a bit of a snob, But once you have crossed over, and tasted the beauty of a NICE camera, it's so hard to go back. Sigh.
So I will make do for now. I have my eye on Black Friday!:)

What better month to start a fitness challenge with the fam than November right?!
NOT. You have no idea how hard it is to stay away from sugar! The rest of the rules of the challenge are not a problem for me, but no sugar?! And did you not see the huge amounts of candy that is begging for me to eat?! This challenge has really shown me how much I really do consume when it comes to sweets. It may not be much, but there is sugar in this girls diet everyday...
All I can say is heaven help me! Do you think my kids will notice if I accidentally throw it away?


Kali said...

Oh no!! I am sick for your camera! I hope you can find a screaming deal on black friday! And as far as Nov. challenges go ... Ryan decided to go on a "diet" for this month and would only do it if I did it with him. So for the past three days I have said no to the buckets of candy on top of our fridge only to find Ryan sneaking from my stash of vanilla coke!! Now it is REALLY hard to say no to that candy! ha. I can relate. :)

Jenny Willardson said...

Camera's broke??? Sad day!!! You're right, it's totally hard to go back to point and shoots after having a good one! Well, if your lenses still work, you could always buy just the camera body and save yourself a few hundred dollars. If you get a Nikon, I have a good lens that doesn't won't autofocus with my model, but it does with most other Nikon models. Anyway, good luck with the challenge! We're eating our candy stash this week! haha :)