Monday, January 2, 2012

Market Ready.

 After slaving all break long, our house is now ready for the market! Oh please let someone snatch it up!? So for those you have been here I am posting pictures to see the changes we've made, and for those you haven't been you can see a more detailed view of our home this past 4 and 1/2 years.

The kitchen:
The stagger just had me clear the decor above the cabinets, and we moved my IKEA shelf by the table:

The living room:
A few new pictures, thanks to my neighbor Kelly, and a chair from Rachel. They helped make the room! I now want to go out and get the chair, it's so comfy!
We moved the piano where the computer was:

The basement, and the children's lair:
We had to paint the basement. UGH. I do admit it looks better, but it was just quite the project during such a busy week. To top it off I got sick. Thanks to a wonderful husband, he stayed up until 2am one night, and then midnight the next. He is amazing.

The boys room: Not much changed here. Just added a night table.

The girls room: We flipped around the bed and moved some furniture around. I was worried about Brooke falling off. She did once and that's been it, so she doesn't move around as much as I thought! 

The master bedroom: Thanks to my overhaul last year I didn't have to do anything! Whew.
The bonus room:

I had a hard time getting a good angle of this, but you get the idea. This is probably the most transformed room in the house. Not quite practical for everyday living, but amazing for staging.
So there you have it.  Ryan has only been gone two days, and I miss him. The kids miss him. He has traveled plenty, but there is a definite difference. All is stuff is gone. This living apart thing is really for the birds. Please pray that it sells quick...

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