Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Project!

Amongst all this craziness of getting ready to move, I've managed to squeeze in a fun project. Mostly due to our good friends the Salisbury's. I have been wanting to build these tables for my living room for quite some time, and it finally came true due to their kindness of letting us use their tools, and quite frankly Scott practically building them himself, with little of my help!
I did however finish them my self. Here is the before:

And the finished product:
 I am so happy with the finished product! They really just make the room look so nice!
Thanks Scott for all your help!


Taffy and Tony said...

I love them and was just saying last night that I need to buy or build some tables like these for my house! Are these Ana White?

Tina said...

These look so amazing! I want to make some! How did you do it??

Ellis family said...

They are from her website, but slightly tweaked. My friend said her plan was not very sturdy...what do I know, so he changed the plans some, but the main design is from her. I just love them!

Holly June said...

I want to know how you did the finish. I love it!

Mark said...

So I didn't scroll all the way down and I just saw the first picture and thought "that's nice but they look really home made". Sorry I'm a brat. Then I scroll down to the second picture and did a double take. They look beautiful. I love them. Way to go.