Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellowstone #2.

Back to some posts of our Yellowstone trip.
 After a day of sight seeing and driving, we headed back to our campsite to eat, and just hang out.
I have a love hate relationship with camping. I love all that comes with it. being with family, sitting by the fire, S'mores. But I don't enjoy getting up and in the middle of the night, to trek across the campsite to use the restroom. Thankfully these ones weren't too bad. I also don't enjoy feeling dirty.

While the days were nice and hot, the nights got quite chilly, which made it great for campfires, and great sleeping weather!

The kiddos had so much fun helping put the firewood into the fire, and eating tons of S'mores.
Gotta let 'em live right??

It was then off to dream land and ready for our next day at old faithful!

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