Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hanna Banana.

 Third time must be a charm.
My little sister Hanna hasn't been feeling well the past couple of weeks.
Then a lump by her collar bone popped up. She just assumed it must be an infection, cause a few months prior she had a check up, and everything was clean.
But by Holly's insistence, Hanna mentioned in passing to the Dr. she works with, the lump, and a few symptoms she had been experiencing.
He took a look at her and quickly made a call to the lymphoma/lucemea Dr. to have her look at Hanna. She told her that she was pretty certain that her cancer was back.
They set her up for a pet scan, and a biopsy for that same week.

She got her pet scan results back pretty quickly Thursday, and the news was not want we were wanting to hear. She has several large tumors in her chest, and some bright spots (meaning border line cancerous) below her diaphragm. It just doesn't seem fair that we have to go through this for the third time. And for Hanna do have to do this again.

She will have to go through some pretty intense chemo, and then a stem cell transplant to beat this thing. I know she will. She is so courageous. She's a fighter. And she has such a positive attitude about the whole thing. I will go down and be with her for her first treatment on the 28th. She has to stay in the hospital while she receives her treatments, and I will do whatever it takes to help her through this trial.
 I feel so blessed to be close, so that I can help her. Sometimes I wonder if this might have been the reason we moved to Idaho. I would have felt hopeless, and so far In Minnesota.
Hanna, we love you. You will beat this. And you will be able to have a wonderful life with Sandy.

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