Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The day to day.

 I have slowly been beginning to run. SLOWLY and VERY little miles. But I am running none the less, so I'll take it!
Brooke loves to jump on after I am done.
This little girl might be a runner just like her momma:
 She will almost always run a 1/2 mile. She's a love.

I have been seeing a few Dr.'s to figure out how to get over this hump, and I am on a pretty crazy strength program to try and get some of my weaker muscles stronger. This will hopefully help make these darn overuse issues go away once and for all!
 And for those who are thinking... just quit running... not gonna happen. I have been pretty good at holding it together the past 3 months of little to no running, but I LOVE to run. It truly is my therapy. Time to clear my head. Time to myself to think and reflect. Nothing else gives me that same feeling. There is a saying that running is cheaper than therapy, and I think this applies to me 100%.

Oh, and It has been a happy day in our home, because at the ripe old age of 4, Brooke's hair is finally long enough to fit into pig tails.
Happy Day!

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